Hey there!

My name is Ryan Krueger… though you’ve probably already figured that out by now.

I’m currently a product manager in Indianapolis, though I like to think of myself as a lifelong learner that’s continuously inspired by new technologies to help solve real-world problems.

I was born and raised in Indiana. I graduated from Butler University (#GoDawgs), with a B.S. in Computer Science.

I’m pretty active on Twitter, so check that out if you want to know what’s on my mind. Someday I’ll get around blogging, and when I do it’ll likely be on my Medium, so feel free to give me a follow on that too. LinkedIn is a trash social media, but since we don’t have anything better at the moment, feel free to connect with me on there too. Or there’s still this thing called email that still exist.

That’s about it. See ya around the interwebs!